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By Alexa Saltzman
March 13, 2013
Category: Design



When you are designing your printed material for your podiatry practice, the colors and overall layout are important, but the way that you display your text is essential as well. At Podiatric Press we realize that after all, your patients are going to be reading your business cards, patient education brochures, and other printed material so legibility is first and foremost. You want to choose a typeface that people are able to read easily such as Helvetica. It can be found anywhere including tax forms and logos such as BMW, IBM, and Oral B to name a few. It has even been to outer space because the words “United States” written on the side of the space shuttle is set in Helvetica. Choosing an ornate, flowery font, though you may believe that this makes your information look more impressive, it is really counterproductive because your printed material needs to come across to your patients quickly, without distracting them with first needing to decipher what your information actually says.

 The four most important elements to keep in mind when choosing what your type will look like are size, weight, structure, and form. Size means how big or small your writing is or the point size of your type. Large amounts of text should be kept small such as here where I am using a 12 point font. Text for titles or headlines for example should be made larger because of their need to be made prominent. Weight refers to type that is bold or light. In order to add emphasis to a word in a sentence you can change its weight by making it bold or by making it thinner than your other text. Structure means using type that is either sans serif or serif. For example, the typeface is sans serif and the typeface Times New Roman as seen in The New York Times is serif. Whichever one you choose is a matter of preference because both are good for reading purposes. Lastly, form refers to writing that is in all caps, all lowercase, a mix of both, or if it is italic. This is another way to add emphasis to certain words to make them stand apart from the rest of your text. Using size, weight, structure, and form with a legible typeface will enhance the appearance of your text on your printed material. Remember, as April 15 comes closer and tax day is upon all of us remember, it's the choice of a proper font- Helvetica that helps make filing of income tax returns easy to read if not painless!

By Alexa Saltzman

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