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By Alexa Saltzman
March 30, 2013
Category: Design


In addition to having pads, letterhead, and business cards made for your podiatry practice, a small customized book is a unique item to add to your repertoire. Often referred to as short run or on-demand publications, these books can be used for patient education or even as children’s coloring books. In terms of patient education, we find that most patients over the age of 40 are not going to go home on their computers and sift through all of the information on the internet to educate themselves. Creating a small book that they can have to inform them about their particular condition is a great way to approach patient education with an option that is different than a brochure. At Podiatric Press, we have noticed that these publications are growing in popularity among practices who are putting a new spin on their printed material. Subject range from sports injuries and prevention to diabetes and foot care through subjects like the top 10 foot and ankle pain issues.  Patient education is so vital and a small book is a quick and easy solution to enhance the current way that your practice is informing your patients.

Besides using the books for patient education, they can also be made into children’s coloring and story books. When your patients are being treated, it is nice to have something to occupy their children. A good designer can gear these books to perform two tasks: the first being that it entertains the child during their parent's treatment or before their own and the second is that it can educate them as well. If you design the book so that they are coloring in parts of the foot and identifying different areas of it, different conditions they are or could be experiencing, they are gaining knowledge in a fun and interactive way. By using these just these two versions of short run publications you can creating a unique experience for your patients that goes beyond the printed material that they would normally expect to receive at a podiatry office. 

By Alexa Saltzman

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