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By Alexa Saltzman
April 06, 2013
Category: Design




When you are designing the layout of your printed material for your podiatry practice it is helpful to align everything according to a grid structure. Good design doesn’t just mean placing everything in a space according to where you think it looks best. For example, sometimes printed material can look jumbled or have too much (or too little) space between text and your logo. Effectively using space is key because it will make your whole design look unified. Using a grid allows you to align blocks of text such as in a patient education brochure in order to create visual lines of symmetry. At Podiatric Press, our designs are created by maintaining even spacing and alignment throughout our products to create a cohesive structure. Layouts made using a grid also increase readability because the text will continuously flow together without awkward gaps or spaces that cause confusion.


Using a gird is almost like giving each part of your design its own designated space to sit within the layout. This is just like a traditional zone defense that is used in all levels of basketball including grade school and college, as well as in the NBA and WNBA. In a 2-3 zone two players are positioned towards the top of the key and three players are below, in the area underneath the hoop. These players are placed in this grid structure and the defense is effective if everyone guards their specific area of the court to prevent the other team from scoring. This tactic prevents confusion and miscommunication between players on the court because they each know what role they need to play. Likewise, each piece of type or even an image in the design of your printed material will have its own place in the grid structure to optimize the continuity of your piece. 


Podiatric Press will be happy to help you with your design needs, having over 20 years designing medical and pharmaceutical collateral print material we have the expertise to make your marketing materials shine. If you, like most of us, are budget conscious and would like to approach some of your design work in house - use this great jumping off point to keep your designs clean and your message clear.  Please don't hesitate to contact a team member at PodPress to discuss your design and print needs, we can work within most budgets.


By Alexa Saltzman

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