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By Ron Gravius
January 16, 2013
Category: Design
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It’s important to get the right look for your podiatry practice’s business card. Podiatric Press creates dynamic layouts that include the essential information in a concise format will leave a lasting impression on your clients. The content of your business card should include the name of your practice, your name (with title), phone number(s), mailing address, website, email, and fax. This should be written in a typeface that is easily legible and the format should be professional through the simplicity of the design. The logo is a vital design element of your card and is the symbol that clients will associate with your practice. Your logo will be placed on your business card and your other printed material and should have both form and function. In other words, it should be aesthetically interesting while also functioning as an effective symbol. A great example of this is the National Football League logo, especially now with the Superbowl only weeks away. The color palette you choose for your logo should be echoed throughout the entire card in order to create a cohesive look. By sticking to a few colors that complement each other, your business card will appear professional and well put together. 

Too often business cards are jumbled with information and are laid out in a format that is visually distracting. Avoiding this mistake is possible by keeping your card design simple and sharp. The front of your business card represents the face of your practice, but the back of it can also be utilized to your advantage. You can use this space as a place where you can write down important information like your clients’ next appointment date which will deter them from losing the card. Additionally, the back of the card can reinforce your practice’s “motto” by including a mission statement to leave a lasting message the minds of your clients. This will gain their interest and make known your practice’s main goal or purpose. Overall, the most effective business cards present their information and design elements in a simplistic format driven by the goal to be representative of the practice that it serves.


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