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By Alexa Saltzman
January 22, 2013
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A large part of creating printed material consists of the quality of the items that are being printed. There is so much time and effort that is put into the design and this same care should be put into the physical printed product. The podiatry practice that is receiving this finished product will not only be happy with the design of the material you ordered, but will be equally pleased with the craft of the product. It is important to own your production and take pride that the print has clean edges, crisp color, and looks professionally done. At Podiatric Press the quality of the design and final prints of the product are created through a process of collaborating with the practice manager, office manager, members of the team, and even the physicians on several occasions throughout the design stages to make sure that they are going to receive exactly what they need for their practice. This creative process ensures that the team at your practice will be satisfied with the printed material such as business cards, patient education brochures, marketing material, forms, etc. because they are being involved throughout its creation. 


Whenever a product is being created based on the criteria described by the members of your team, it requires revisions and edits in order to make it more effective. For example, a logo may have to be adapted in a variety of ways to give the customer options in their choice of color or even the design of the symbol itself. This extra time spent to not only offer one possible solution, but to give the office manager several possibilities for their printed material ultimately results in a product that is very successful. This is comparable to the edits and revisions that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, must give to his inauguration speech in order to produce a final draft. The result of the changes he makes is a speech that he is proud of and comes across as eloquently written. Every process, whether it be writing or designing requires an analysis of your final piece to decide if it is of high enough quality to present to your audience or client and if it is something you can be proud of.


By Alexa Saltzman (Podiatric Press)

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