By Alexa Saltzman
January 29, 2013
Category: Design
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A key design element for your podiatry practice is the creation of your logo. Many practices opt for using some version of the human foot as their logo. At Podiatric Press, logos are designed by first researching your practice to really understand the overall personality of the members of your team. The resulting logo for your practice will create a brand that is effective with the potential to be quite unique. This design needs to be recognizable to your patients because this is the brand that they will see on all of your printed material. One way to approach the creation of a successful brand is to decide what aspect of your practice you want to focus on. This focus can be graphically interpreted and developed into a visual solution which will be stylized to fit your practice’s image. 

I feel that the best designs are effective through their simplicity. Overcomplicating the design of your logo is counterproductive to the message you are looking to communicate to your patients. Additionally, the flexibility of your brand is vital to its ability to adapt in its uses, whether it be small on the back of a patient education brochure or front and center on a business card. If the design is very detailed, it will not read well when printed small; therefore your logo should be legible in a variety of sizes. One approach that does this very well is the logo for Burton which is featured on the snowboards of incredible athletes such as Shaun White in the X Games on ESPN. Burton’s logo is an arrow bent into the shape of a lowercase “b”. It is bold and has a distinct form known to people all over the world. The success of this logo is attributed to its simple shape which looks great on any material that it is placed on. This simplicity makes it appealing no matter how large or small it appears. By employing these key design strategies to the development of your logo, you will have a brand this is a perfect fit for your practice.

By Alexa Saltzman


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