By Alexa Saltzman
March 20, 2013
Category: Design



In today’s society, everyone communicates with one another over the phone or through the Internet. Text messages, emails, Facebook chats, and Twitter posts dominate social interaction among most people in our country. However, I think that this is less personal and does not carry the same sentiment as something handwritten. When you receive a card or letter from someone in the mail it is nice to read someone’s actual handwriting. This is something very personal and you can tell that they took the time to sit down and write out their message to you, as opposed to typing out a quick email. I think that as a society we have lost this personal touch and instead have become reliant and dependent on technology for all of our interactions, so much that it is even hindering face-to-face communication. Therefore, I think it would be great for your podiatry practice to send out cards to your patients on holidays or other occasions throughout the year. Here at  Podiatric Press, we can help you to send out personal messages through the printed material that we offer such as customizable birthday cards.


By mailing out these handwritten items you are showing your patients that you and the members of your team are thinking of them on these occasions. While sending out an email reminding them of their next appointment time is quick and easy, there is nothing like receiving something more authentic in the mail. A simple card from your podiatry practice is a nice gesture that your patients will appreciate and they will realize that you took the time to acknowledge them. For example, President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle send out letters to couples congratulating them on their marriage and also on the birth of their child. This letter is made personal with a raised seal and is signed by the President and first lady themselves. Something like this is much more gratifying than say getting a typed up, standardized email from the White House. Getting personal with your patients will really demonstrate how your practice is willing to go the extra mile.


By Alexa Saltzman


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