By Alexa Saltzman
February 20, 2013
Category: Design




As a podiatrist that needs printed material for your practice, a unique option is to have your items created using eco-friendly or “green” paper and ink. At Podiatric Press, it is possible to create your business cards, pads, and other material using recycled papers and more organic inks. The “go green” effort is something that people throughout the country are taking very seriously in today’s society where there are constant warnings about rapid climate change around the globe. If you decide to engage in this movement by printing the materials for your podiatry practice using eco-friendly substances, your patients will take notice and appreciate the effort your practice is taking in being environmentally conscious. Additionally, your items will have a symbol or text on them which mentions that the product is made from recycled papers. This small extra step that your practice can take to leave a smaller footprint makes a difference not only to the environment, but in the minds of your patients.


Throughout the country, there are many efforts being taken by communities, schools, and businesses to be more conscious of their effects on the environment. These initiatives take many forms including recycling, reducing emissions, and using less paper. Repurposing materials such as paper that has been recycled and giving it a new use is a step in the right direction to continue this “go green” spirit. This issue is of high importance on the national stage through its discussion in the State of the Union address, given by President Obama, where he talked about climate change and the ways that America is working to slow its effects. Similarly, even the smallest endeavors, such as printing your practice’s material on recycled paper and using eco-friendly inks can show others that your podiatry practice is making an effort not only in your services, but in your concern for the state of the environment and its ongoing changes. 


By Alexa Saltzman


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