By Alexa Saltzman
March 06, 2013
Category: Design


When you are deciding on color schemes for your podiatry practice’s printed material it is important to choose a palette that is cohesive throughout your entire package. This element will give your material personality. It will also tie into the message that you are trying to evoke to your patient’s about your practice and the members of your team. At Podiatric Press, we design your printed material through a process which gives you several options to choose from in terms of design and color choices. The groupings of items that you are shown reflect color combinations that we believe work well with your design by complimenting each other. Color has the power to transform a design and simple changes in hue can make something look entirely different. Therefore, by choosing a color scheme that remains consistent throughout your printed material, you are creating continuity throughout the entire look. 


Some of the most popular color combinations are complimentary colors such as blue with orange, red with green, and yellow with purple. These combinations work so well together because when they are paired next to each other they act to make the other one look brighter. They accent each other in a way that will look aesthetically pleasing on patient education brochures, business cards, or on practice referral pads. Another option is to choose various shades of the same color to use throughout your materials such as interchanging royal blue, navy blue, and a sky blue. Color makes a statement and the best example of this was at the Academy Awards where the stars walked down the red carpet wearing gowns of a variety of colors. A black gown is chic and classic whereas a red gown is attention-grabbing and bold. Using this logic, you can design your practice’s color scheme to best reflect the feeling you would like to evoke in your printed material.


By Alexa Saltzman


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