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By Alexa Saltzman
April 22, 2013
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 A great way to promote your podiatry practice is to send out a monthly or quarterly newsletter. This newsletter can be a useful tool where you can include information about your practice that current and potential patients would be interested in knowing. It could have bios for each of your podiatrists and can feature treatments offered, as well as new updates for people to read to about. Additionally, Podiatric Press can print your newsletter in bulk so that it can be mailed out to a wide array of addresses around the area. The more people that you can reach, the more patients that you will be able to generate. Also, if your practice already has a working website with a blog, you can take information from the blog and include it in the newsletter so that most of the work is already done for you. 


In terms of being able to reach more patients, it is important to communicate your message through a variety of mediums. Mailing out your newsletter is an effective way to reach people, where they can physically hold on to the material that you have provided for them. However, the Internet is a great tool to employ where you can distribute the newsletter as an email attachment. If you really want to jump ahead of the curve, you can post it to your podiatry practice’s Facebook page. Using social media is a sure way to get your message out to many people who can simply click on the link and view the newsletter. They can also choose to share it on other people’s Facebook walls so that the information is circulating to people throughout the social networking site. Combining these methods will allow you to cover all of the bases to ensure that you are promoting your practice and reaching a large audience.


By Alexa Saltzman




If you haven't heard of EDDM (Every Door Direct Marketing) the US Postal Service really wouldn't be surprised. With the USPS looking to cut Saturday mail delivery to save an estimated 2 billion dollars per year, you would think that they'd have done a better job advertising this rebranded service. They've fallen into that trap of need to advertise/can't afford to advertise. Previously called Carrier Bulk mail, the UPSP has made it easy for local businesses like restaurants, dry cleaners, pizza delivery, auto repair shops and yes medical practices to blanket printed material to specific areas of their community. While EDDM doesn't have the laser precision of other direct mail programs, it's strength is it's ferocity - There's no discrimination of who gets your message along a carrier route, yes even other foot doctors will receive your mailing if they fall within the route. A well-managed EDDM program can saturate your message to every address in a specific area or even a full zip code at a discounted postage rate. The only draw back is that the mail piece has to be with a range of specific sizes and has to follow exact postal guidelines for weight and voided spaces for bar codes and a postal indicia.


The team at Podiatric Press has some great successes with EDDM because we understand like any other marketing campaign it's all about content, content, content. We can help you take your message and design the appropriate piece to get the most possible responses. After your piece is designed and ready to be mailed we will pick the carrier route and can even help track your responses. EDDM isn't for every local business; some businesses need the focus of demographic based mailings to get the biggest bang for their marketing dollar. Pet stores, dress shops or businesses that target people with specific income levels, homeowners as opposed to renters or genders are poor candidates for this approach. Take a 3-mile drive around your location, in most moderately populated areas that's a carrier route. How many of addresses within this area have occupants that could potentially use your services?  How many do you think you already treat? If the first number is much higher than the second EDDM might be a good option to get your message out.  

By Ron Gravius

By Alexa Saltzman
February 13, 2013
Category: Branding



It is important to create a brand for your podiatry practice. At Podiatric Press, we help you to build a graphic brand through a set of printed material. These materials include business cards, patient education brochures, pads, and other items that combine to create a package for your practice. The creation of a graphic brand gives you and the members of your team an identity and a memorable image. This will allow both your clients and potential clients to see how professional your practice is with the continuity displayed throughout all of your graphics. A large part of having a successful brand package is in the presentation of your aesthetics and this is more than just putting your logo onto your products. I think that your set of printed material should be uniform in color palette and design elements in order to evoke a look that is a perfect fit for your practice. Your graphic package that makes up your brand will match the professionalism displayed by the members of your practice around the office. 

The creation of a set or package with the development of your graphics will give you the winning look that you want for your brand. The Grammy Awards recognize the value of creating a graphic package with the Grammy that is given out for Best Recording Package. This year the award went to art directors Michael Amzalag & Mathias Augustyniak for their work on the album Biophilia, performed by Björk. Michael Amzalag & Mathias Augustyniak are best known as M/M Paris and are most recognized for their art direction and collaborations with musicians like Björk, Madonna, Benjamin Biolay, Etienne Daho, Jean-Louis Murat, Mew, and Kanye West. This accolade of Best Recording Package shows the importance that is placed on establishing a complete graphic set. A unified collection of graphics will strengthen your practice with the creation of a dynamic brand.

By Alexa Saltzman

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